2 thoughts on “Astro-Historical Musings

  1. Scott

    Hi Gary

    Hope all is well. I found your article The Pisces/Virgo Dilemma in Western Civilisation absolutely fascinating!
    By any chance have you written a piece about Aquarian/Leo and its possible effects on the world? I think that would be so interesting and helpful guide.

    Thank you and take care

    1. Gary Lorentzen

      Scott, no, I have not! I’m still so involved in the Pisces thing, I haven’t had the time to look into the future much. I’m a historian by education and profession, so the ‘future’ as such is a bit out of my league. LOL! Thank you for the feedback on the article. I’m glad you found it fascinating. I agree, those who are more future-oriented would do us a great service by examining the future Aquarian age in the same way I did with Pisces. The wonderful thing about being a historian is the past is there, we can research it, document what happened. We can’t do that with the future. As someone who has Mercury/Saturn conjunction in Virgo, I’m pretty bound up in analyzing the past. I think, we’ll have to leave the future to those who have Mercury/Uranus conjunct! 🙂


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