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I found these tapes in the back of a bookcase and realized I’ve had them for 25-30 years. I bought them at various conferences in the 80s, and haven’t heard them since. I decided to have them digitalized so that I could hear them again. (I don’t have a casette tape player anymore!) Thank you to Mikhail Oparin for helping me with this! I’m happy to provide these past lectures from important astrologers for you to listen to as well. Please note, that these files are not for sale, downloading or distribution. All materials are the intellectual property of their respective owners.

Ingrid Naiman Lecture – pt.1

Ingrid Naiman Lecture – pt.2

The Moon – Tracy Marks – pt.1

The Moon – Tracy Marks – pt.2

Solstice Points – Buz Myers – pt.1

Solstice Points – Buz Myers – pt.2

Arabian Parts – Buz Myers, Miami FL, 1981 – pt.1

Arabian Parts – Buz Myers, Miami FL, 1981 – pt.2

Fathers and Sons – by Howard Sasportas, UAC Live July 13, 1989

Pluto Transits: Pain and Crisis – by Howard Sasportas, UAC Live July 15, 1989

Your Relatives and Horoscope – by Edwin Steinbrecher, UAC Live June 26-July 1, 1986

Sex And Relationships – by Jim Lewis, Norwac, 1986

Work: Curse of the Drinking Class – by Lois M. Rodden, ISAR, 1984

5 thoughts on “Audio Lectures

  1. Pia

    Hi Gary, thanks a lot! It’s so cool to hear the voices of the astrologers whose books I read. Thanks thanks thanks 🙂

  2. Sherri

    Gary, thank you. I just listened to Bux Meyers workshop on solstice points, may listen again to take notes! What a treasure you have shared.

    Many thanks, Sherri Burch

  3. Aphrodite's Carrier Wave

    If you could make these available to download, then I would be happy to listen to them (when I am driving or jogging). Thank you very much either way.


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