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Today is August 29, 2013. In the last month, I have been researching daytime and early evening television and web series from around the world and comparing their story lines and production values to American shows. Although there are a couple truly weak ‘soap operas’ from Europe and Mexico, the vast majority of these series are really well done. Good writing, good production values, good acting…and then you look at the American shows and they just don’t measure up.

Series that have impressed me are:  1. My Husband’s Lover, Philippines    2. Hollyoaks, Great Britain (John Paul, Doug, Danny and other gay story lines)  3. Ellendale, Great Britain (Aaron’s story line)  4. River City, Great Britain   5. Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love), Germany   6. Giullio and Tommasso (G &T), Italy (web series)  7. Salatut Elamat (Secret Lives) Elias’ Story, Finland   8. Carnation Street, Great Britain    9. Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten (Good Times, Bad Times), Germany  [There’s also a Dutch version…Goede Tiden Slechte Tiden]   10. Fisico y Quimica (Physics and Chemistry), Italy   11. Being Human, Great Britain   12. A Place to Call Home, Australia.

What’s fascinating about these day time, prime time and web series is that each has strong non-stereotyped gay characters who have a part of the central story line. You can find these shows on Youtube, but WARNING! Watching them can become a soul-sucking addiction if you aren’t careful. My absolute favorite? A Place to Call Home from Australia.  The show with which I became obsessed and I dreamt about it? Aaron’s story on Britain’s Ellendale.  My favorite characters, however, are Elias and Lari on Finland’s Secret Lives.

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