Fires of a Distant Love: An Ode to Venus Square Mars

Fires of A Distant Love

What is this fleeting gift of love
Swept swiftly into chambers of the heart,
Pumped again gracefully above
And the embers of love’s fire from the fire depart?

We are, you in your life, I in mine,
So perfectly paired.
Drifting towards in divine time,
Star-crossed lovers brought together, then
Moved apart by love’s stars squared.
When will I see you again?

And when I do, in time, will you embrace me?
Will you still press your torso against mine, face me,
And whisper, I love you? Or will it have passed, 
This passion once held,
And neither able again to cast
His heart’s fire on the other to weld
Two hearts together?

I feel so ripe with desire
That you and I in love’s attire
Unite and build a life anew.
Yet the gods of love seem reticent
To work their magic through lovers sent
Across time and space to begin what so few can successfully do.

So we bid farewell with a story to tell
Of love and care and irony,
Of chance meetings in haste and not a note’s waste
In a lovers’ summer symphony.
Someday soon, perhaps after summer’s last moon,
We’ll be together once more.
The embers of hearts on fire will rise in the heat and like my love will soar.

G.D. Lorentzen


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