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  1. Marilyn J Neuner

    Hello Gary, I am a horary astrologer and long time OAA supporter in Portland OR (pretty much since the beginnig). I am going to be moving to Reno in the next year and am very interested in how the OAA was structured as I’d like to bring this sort of organization to Reno. Do you have a copy of their bylaws. I had hoped they would be available on their website (I thought they were in the past) but cannot find them. I don’t know exactly how to get a copy, and have written the OAA but have not received an answer.
    Thank you very much,
    Marilyn Neuner

  2. Penny

    Hi Gary,
    Do you happen to have a chart for the state of Washington? And if yes do you use the date the president sign it or the date the citizen approve it? Do you use the noon chart or do you have a time? My online astrological group would like to analysis it in relationship to the virus. Thanks.


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