The Real Tea Party

Today is Friday, September 27, 2013. We have three days of intense negotiations in D.C. to resolve the conflict that could shut down the U.S. government. Of course, there is a lot of bizarre rhetoric from both parties, but once again the radical conservatives, a.k.a., Tea Partiers, are behind this recent effort to defund Obamacare or shut down the government, which ever they can do.  Most Americans have some sympathy with the desire to reduce the debt. I don’t think that’s really the issue here.

I came across this article about Larry Klayman, a Tea Partier, who has called for a coup against the government. On the surface it’s laughable. But read his call-to-arms carefully. The core of his objections to the current U.S. administration is in this statement:  “I call upon millions of Americans who have been appalled and disgusted by Obama’s criminality – his Muslim, socialist, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-white, pro-illegal immigrant, pro-radical gay and lesbian agenda”.  

Here is the full text of Klayman’s appeal:

Last Wednesday, the great usurper, Barack Hussein Obama, after having been indicted by an Ocala, Florida citizens’ grand jury, was convicted by a people’s court of defrauding the American people and Floridians by proffering them with a fake birth certificate. See As readers of this column and know too well, Obama is not a natural born citizen eligible to be president of the United States, as he was not born in this country to two American citizen parents. However, to justify his fraud and his elections to the highest office in the land, and after years of inquiry, in 2011 the Obama White House posted on its website a birth certificate purporting to show him having been born in Hawaii. The problem is however, according to forensic experts, the birth certificate is altered and forged.

The day of reckoning has come. Obama, having failed to plead in response to the indictment that was served upon him, waived his right to a jury trial. Thumbing his nose at We the People, as the citizens’ prosecutor, I appeared before a citizens’ court judge and presented evidence from Cold Case Posse investigator Michael Zullo showing that Obama tricked voters into electing him in 2008 and 2012. As a result, the citizens’ judge found him guilty on two counts of falsifying information to federal and state election officials. He was thus sentenced to the maximum prison term for these offenses of 10 years, and ordered to immediately surrender himself into the custody of the citizens of the United States and Florida.

Of course, Obama will not willingly obey the law of the people. He will attempt to hide behind the iron fences of the White House, perhaps cowering under his desk for fear that the people will rise up and demand his ouster.

We’ve heard this kind of xenophobic, racist and homophobic rant before from Tea Partiers, but never in a call-to-arms against the government. Klayman has intensified the opposition to Obama’s administration another notch to the right.  I have no doubt there will be no ‘coup’ against the government on November 19th. But as a symbolic statement of the Great Divide in American social and political life, this anti-Obama, anti-America-as-it-is diatribe is hard to ignore.

The rhetoric champions white, Anglo-Saxon, straight, suburban, Christians and that just isn’t the real America anymore. These Tea Partiers apparently don’t have the ability to understand that America’s increasing diversity and social egalitarianism are its greatest strength as the economic and cultural beacon in this ‘globalized’ world.  And in this economically globalized world, these people wanting to shut down the government over the ACA or default over the debt ceiling and, for some, hold a coup is just plain ignorant. The impact on the world economy is apparently not a concern to them. But then, they are extreme nationalists and don’t seem to understand anything beyond the end of their jingoistic, exceptional American noses.

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